Freelance:The new look for the UEFA EUROPA League has been re-designed by Red Bee London, as well as a brand campaign by UnitedSenses out of Germany. For this video, Designwerk were commissioned to produce an exciting opener for the league and to introduce the new brand via an explosive opening sequence. Designwerk explored the origins of these expanding orange rings right from there beginnings. We travel through waves of energy exploring "New locations and new languages", combining players and fans. Go to the new Europa website and get all the updates and information, as well as the video.

Are you ready for the Europa League?

Watch the finished Europa League video here.

DesignWerk: Concept and Design Direction Will Cope
3D Design & Turbulence FD: Graham Higgins, Javi from Majorca, Dan 'Gomez' from Portugal
Brand Design Logo: Red BEE London
Brand Design Final Concepts : UnitedSenses Munich Germany